What Type Of Supplement Should I Take?

When choosing a supplement to take, it is important to know the differences between different forms of supplements. As with general supplements like vitamins and minerals for people who aren’t active athletes, each type of supplement has its own unique characteristics that are important for you to know. So, let’s get right into it and see what kind of supplement(s) make the most sense for you.

Are Supplements Necessary?

Should I be taking any sports supplements as an active or serious athlete, even if I am just at an amateur level currently?

The honest answer is “It depends.” There are (at least) several factors that will help you arrive at an informed and wise decision about this.

First of all, consider the wisdom of taking certain vitamins and minerals for your overall health and general athletic performance. There are at least a few excellent and well-documented reasons for this advice.

The typical American diet is inadequate in more than one key nutrient. Some of the most crucial deficiencies are calcium, potassium, fiber, Vitamin A and Folic Acid. One main reason causing the need for supplementation is the severe worsening of soil health in the United States.

Stress, caused by work and lifestyle issues, can dramatically increase the need to take certain vitamins and minerals – even if you are getting an adequate level through your diet – which has almost become rare for the majority of people. Another words, if even you’re adequate or good diet isn’t giving your body and mind the key vitamins and minerals it needs to function well, the answer is definitely to supplement.

Last, even if you are not a world-class or Olympic-level athlete, certain supplements can and will probably still help you improve your athletic performance in more than one way. My favorite example are some of the specific bodybuilding supplements used by active or serious athletes. At least one or more of these are worth your consideration, in my opinion. Some examples would include the following: creatine, whey (and some other types of) protein, and BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine. Please keep in mind that this is by no means an all-inclusive or complete list.

In future posts on this site, I will provide more information of a general nature for the great majority of athletes (even amateur ones) as well as athletes who are specifically using weights and other bodybuilding equipment and exercises to supplement their performance in their chosen sports.

About My Supplement Information

Are you active in one or more sports? Have you ever considered or realized the important role sports supplements can play in how well you are able to enjoy and benefit from the sports activities you participate in?

If your answer is no, then welcome to a stie where you can find honest, accurate, dependable and timely information on the most useful and effective supplements you can take to get MORE of your favorite sports!


I am a baby-boomer and disabled, Vietnam veteran who grew up in New York City to a mother and father that probably shouldn’t have had any children (I have or had a three-year younger sister). My home environment was extremely difficult to deal with, mainly due to the constant violence, stress, and hostility between myself and my parents. Yet, somehow, one lesson my father taught me through his rage has proved invaluable as the years and now decades have passed more and more quickly.

“If you want a job done rightdo it yourself and do it right the first time.” This is especially true when the job is (very) important to you. NOBODY else will care as much as you do – and should – about how well the work is done.

Many people have learned and know all the significant benefits that regular physical activity offers them. In order to maximize the results you can achieve, it is wise to consider starting and maintaining an indiividually tailored plan for yourself.

I can and will save you valuable time, effort, and money in learning what specific supplements are the wisest choices for you to consider. You will not find anybody else who will work with the same dedication and attention-to-detail that I have.


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As I already stated above, there is NO substitute for doing a job right the first time. Your customer(s) need to know you have their best interests at heart. Not your own.

I will always do my very best to give you the most accurate, helpful, and timely information about sports supplements that can help you achieve more from your activities. Why not add a sensible and effective supplement plan to boost the benefits you receive from regular exercise and sound nutrition (remember that supplements – no matter what kind – are exactly that, just supplements and not food)?

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